Student Projects

Spring 2016 

The students in the PSY330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology class are partnering with the Spring Hill College Center for Community Collaboration this semester to develop projects for the following :

Light of the Village: Quentin Watson, Maddy Perseghin, Eddie Gonzalez,  Andrew McInnis (not pictured), and Nick DeFelice (not pictured).

Little Sisters of the Poor: Katherine Sergiovanni, Erin Anderson, Alex Baalman, Alexis Nobles, and Suzanne Monlezun

Davidson High School: 
Zsaree Morissette, Kourtney Jones, Kirsten Thorn, and Areona O’Cain

Via Health, Fitness, and Enrichment Center and Lifelines Counseling: 
Chianne Laiwa, Cobe Kirkikis, Jacob Campos, Emily Thrush, Jackson Harris, Chris Sickafoose, and Mary Schwing (not pictured) 

Lifelines Counseling: 
Ashley McIntyre and DeShala Jackson