What We Do

The Center For Community Collaboration (CCC) has the potential to be a central point for contact with external companies for programs and services and our internal partners.  Our end goal is to connect the SHC community with the surrounding community and one of those ways is to match non-profits in need of assistance with students and faculty based on the compatible need and skill level.  The CCC will operate year-round and provide students with opportunities to participate in long- and short-term sufficient and sustained experiential collaborations with external and internal partners.  

Students will register with the CCC and will be informed of collaborative opportunities such as 

  • conducting needs assessment or customer service surveys
  • conducting program evaluations
  • facilitating training workshops
  • assisting with organizational development
  • conducting leadership seminars
  • providing small business support
  • designing surveys
  • data entry and analysis
  • developing fundraising, marketing, and business plans
  • grant writing
  • developing awareness materials
  • creating media kits

Programs Housed in the CCC

  1. Classroom-based and other Community Collaboration Projects
  2. SHC Undergraduate Research Symposium 
  3. Workshop Series
  4. Research Match 

Students are currently engaging in projects focused on web and logo design, the development of training programs, facilitating training workshops, providing social media support, and creating media campaigns.

Student Project Save a Stray

 Clients include

    • Alabama Coastal Foundation
    • Camp Rap-A-Hope
    • Family Promise
    • The Mayor of Mobile’s Taskforce on Workforce Development
    • Airbus Americas Engineering, Inc.
    • Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama
    • Alabama Orth0paedic
    • Mercy Life
    • The Little Tree
    • Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform Foundation (ACCR)
    • The Public Relations Council of Alabama - Mobile Chapter
    • South Alabama CARES (a non-profit HIV/AIDS advocacy and HIV client care agency)
    • Volunteer Mobile
    • The City of Daphne Recreation Department
    • The Mobile Public Library System
    • The Mobile Mysticks Hockey Team
    • The Alabama Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross
    • The Learning Disabilities Association of Alabama
    • League of Women Voters-Mobile Chapter
    • Junior League of Mobile
    • Mobile Chamber of Commerce
    • Santa America
    • WHIL
    • St. Mary’s School
    • Mobile Association for Retarded Citizens
    • United Way of Southwest Alabama, Inc.
    • Downtown Mobile Alliance
    • St. Mark School
    • Mobile Baykeeper
    • Engaged Encounter
    • Victory Health Partners
    • Mobile Museum of Art
    • Public Relations Council of Alabama-Mobile Chapter
    • South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

For more information on student projects visit the Spring Hill College Department of Communication Arts and Department of Psychology, or contact Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio at jfrancozamudio@shc.edu or Dr. Sharee Broussard at sbroussard@shc.edu

If you are a Mobile-based organization or business in need of assistance with a project, please complete the Project Request Form.

If you are a student interested in registering with the CCC, please complete the student application form.