Who We Are

The Spring Hill College Center (SHC) for Community Collaboration (CCC) uses the questionnaires from the students and employers to connect the internal partners with the external partners based on the need and availability. The connections that are made bring the Spring Hill Community closer to the community that we are a part of as well as having the community in contact with the students of Spring Hill College for present and future connections.  

Programs Housed in the CCC

  1. Classroom-based and other Community Collaboration Projects
  2. SHC Undergraduate Research Symposium 
  3. Workshop Series
  4. Research Match 


Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology 
p: 251-380-3058   Email   Website

Dr. Sharee BroussardChair
Division of Communication, Fine & Performing Arts
Associate Professor, Communication Arts (PR/Advertising)
p: 251-380-3842  Email  Read More



Madeline Perseghin
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Future Interests: Masters program for Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

Melvin Lang
Year: Senior 
Major: Psychology
Future Interests: Graduate program for Industrial/ Organizational Psychology