Political Science

All undergraduates pursuing a Political Science degree at Spring Hill College must complete six semester hours in the social sciences, including at least one three-hour foundational (100 level) course.

The foundational courses offered in political science include POL 112 (American Democracy and Citizenship), POL 151 (Comparing Nations and Cultures) and POL 161 (International Politics).

Spring Hill students must complete their social sciences core requirement by taking a second 100-level course, or by completing a course in the social sciences dealing centrally with issues related to justice and the common good.

Within political science, this latter option can be fulfilled by taking POL 363 (Politics of Developing Countries), POL 365 (Latin American Politics) or POL 367 (Middle Eastern Politics).

Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Degree Requirements


Course                   Title                                                             

POL 112                Introduction to American Politics                     

POL 151                Introduction to Comparative Politics                 

POL 161                Introduction to International Relations               

POL 283                American Political Thought                              

PSY 101                General Psychology                                       

SOC 101                Introduction to Sociology                                 

ECO 101               Principles of Macroeconomics   



Course                   Title                                                                      

A) American Government and Politics                                              

choose one of the following:

POL 320                Women and American Politics         (3)

POL 321                Political Parties and Interest Groups (3)

POL 324                Public Policy (3)

POL 325                Public Administration (3)

POL 340                Constitutional Law (3)

POL 341                Judicial Process and Procedures (3)

POL 342                Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (3)

POL 346                American Foreign Policy (3)

B) Comparative and International Politics                                        

choose two of the following:

POL 346                American Foreign Policy (3)

POL 361                Comparative Foreign Policy (3)

POL 363                Politics of Developing Countries (3)

POL 365                Latin American Politics (3)

POL 367                Middle Eastern Politics (3)

POL 371                Russia and Eastern Europe (3)

POL 379                International Political Economy (3)

POL 447                Problems in International Politics (3)

C) Political Philosophy                                                                       

choose two of the following:

POL 381                Western Political Philosophy I (3)

POL 382                Western Political Philosophy II (3)

POL 385                Marxism & 20th Century Political Thought (3)

POL 387                Politics and Literature (3)

D) Comprehensive Experience                                                          

POL 491                Seminar in American Government and Politics (fall of senior year)

E) POL 3x - 4x     Political Science Electives  


Program Electives: 6 semester hours

Six hours of upper-division course work that supports the major and is approved by the department.

Minor in Political Science


9 semester hours selected from:

  • POL 112 American Democracy and Citizenship (3)
  • POL 151 Comparing Nations and Cultures (3)
  • POL 161 International Politics (3)
  • POL 283 American Political Thought (3)


12 semester hours selected from: POL 320-491 Political Science Electives