International Studies

A Distinctive Program

How does the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process affect the U.S. and other countries? What steps should be taken to convince Iran’s leaders to reign in their nuclear ambitions? Should the U.N.’s work increasingly rely on Gulf aid? How have the wars in Iraq impacted relations between America and the world?

As an international relations major at Spring Hill College, you’ll explore questions like these, and many more—examining how and why one society’s issues cause ripple effects around the globe. You'll study relationships between countries, governments, and people. You’ll delve into how balance of power and distribution of wealth can contribute to a society’s instability or progress. You’ll also study the art of diplomacy—intricate and delicate methods of conducting negotiations between countries.

International Relations is a multi-disciplinary major that draws from politics, history, economics, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, ethics, and geography. The study of foreign languages is a necessity, as is a sense of empathy, compassion, and goodwill.

Degree Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in International Studies



POL 151                Introduction to Comparative Politics             

POL 161                Introduction to International Relations         

ECO 101                Principles of Macroeconomics                         

ECO 102                Principles of Microeconomics                          

Modern Foreign Language (intermediate level)1                                        

1The foreign language requirement may be completed on campus or through a study abroad program.



POL 363                Politics of Developing Countries                      

POL 346                American Foreign Policy                                   

POL 493               Seminar in International Studies                    


Choose two courses from one concentration and two courses from a second concentration.

Division of Social Sciences 221

International Economics and Development


BUS 320 International Business                                       

FIN 321 Money and Capital Markets                            

ECO 434 International Trade and Finance                    

POL 379 International Political Economy    


Area Studies


ENG 426 European Fiction                                                                

GEO 301 World Regional Geography                              

HIS 301 Modern Latin America                                      

HIS 322 Europe Since 1945                                             

LAN 302 The French Heritage II                                      

LAN 304 The Spanish Heritage II                                    

LAN 305 The Latin American Heritage                          

POL 365 Latin American Politics                                     

POL 367 Middle Eastern Politics                                      

POL 371 Russia and Eastern Europe                              

THL 261 World Religions                       


Peace and Conflict Studies


POL 361 Comparative Foreign Policy                             

POL 375 Terrorism, Revolution, and War                      

THL 345 Religion & Culture                                              

THL 351 Contemporary Moral Issues                            

THL 352 Peace and Justice Issues                                   

THL 354 Religion and International Politics    


Choose one course or an additional course from a third concentration above.


CMM 376 Intercultural Communication                          

HIS 330 World Cultures                                                    

HIS 331 Asian History                                                      

POL 385 Marxism and Twentieth Century Political Thought                                                

POL 447 Problems in International Politics                    

POL 495 Study Abroad in Political Science 1                   


1More than three credit hours may be earned in study abroad with the prior permission of the director of International Studies.