Latin American Studies

A Hemispheric Perspective

The minor in Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study that provides a comprehensive understanding of Latin America through the fields of economics, languages, history, political science, and sociology. Though not required, students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in Latin America.

For further information on the minor contact the LAS program Director, Dr. Alan Shane Dillingham:


SPA 201-202 or Intermediate Spanish I-II (6) or
SPA 203-204 Intensive Cultural Spanish III-IV (6) 
HIS 220 Introduction to Colonial Latin America (3) or
HIS 221 Introduction to Modern Latin American (3)


Choose four (4) of the following:

ENG 246 Introduction to Hispanic-American Literature 
SPA 312 Survey of Spanish-American Literature or
SPA 313 Survey of Spanish-American Literature II 
SPA 320 Latin American Poetry: Modernism to 21st Century
SPA 381 Selected Studies
HIS 332 Modern Mexico
HIS 333 Native Histories of the Americas
POL 151 or Introduction to Comparative Politics 
POL 161 Introduction to International Relations
SOC 256 Cultural Anthropology
POL 365 Latin American Politics
POL 495 Study abroad experience in Latin America

Required credit hours: 21