Since 1989, the Christus Theological Institute has offered a unique opportunity for continuing education and grass-roots ecumenism among Christians and churches of the Mobile Bay area.  The annual Christus program has presented more than 100 lectures by local and regional speakers, including Dr. Wayne Flint, Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb, Dr. Katharine Abernathy and Mr. Bob Grip; as well as an annual conference with nationally known scholars, such as Tilden Edwards, Martin Marty, Avery Dulles, Stanley Hauerwas, Luke Timothy Johnson, Basil Pennington, and E. Glenn Hinson.  

Comments From Past Lectures

  • "Outstanding speakers and energizing conversation"
  • "Refreshing and open discussion"
  • "A level of intellectual honesty, depth and probing not often found"

The mission of Christus is to encourage a reflective deepening and broadening of the search for God in our Christian tradition, promoting a truly ecumenical network among local faith communities.  We are supported by a partnership of individual members, as well as churches and religious institutions from a broad range of Christian traditions, including Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian, mainly in Mobile and Baldwin counties.  Please join us and help support our continuing endeavor.  For information on membership, please call 251-380-4660 or email us at

For more information on upcoming lectures and to listen to past lectures visit the Christus web-page at