THL 101. Introduction to Christian Theology (3) An introduction to the theological
study of the Christian tradition of faith. The course is divided into two
components: biblical and doctrinal. Both components will investigate the historical
development and contemporary understandings of Bible and Tradition, the two
fundamental expressions of Christianity.

THL 190. Honors Theology I: Introduction to Christian Theology (3) An
introduction to the theological study of the Christian tradition designed especially
for Honors students. The course has two components: the study of Scripture in
the light of contemporary biblical scholarship; and the study of leading figures and
turning points in the history of doctrine.

THL 221. Ritual & Worship (3) P/H A study of Christian worship and its central
role in the life of the Church through an historical analysis of sacred time, church
architecture, ritual structures, and popular piety. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.
THL 230. New Testament Survey (3) B An introduction to the literature and
social context of the New Testament. Students will examine the historical and
religious setting of New Testament gospels and letters, the process of development
and literary genres, as well as methods of interpretation of the New Testament in
their own lived experience. Ordinarily taught as an online course, for the Nursing
bridge program.

THL 231. Old Testament Survey (3) B An introduction to modern scriptural
studies and methodology in the context of a survey of the Old Testament. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 232. Synoptic Gospels (3) (W) B An introduction to the historical-critical
study of the Gospels comparing and contrasting the Gospels of Matthew, Mark,
and Luke in their origins, styles, and major themes. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 242. Catholicism (3) S/H An overview of the major areas of Catholic teaching
and practice: spirituality, Christology, church, sacraments, biblical interpretation, ethics.
This course surveys both the historical roots of the Catholic tradition and the
views of contemporary theologians. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 250. Introduction to Christian Ethics (3) M An introduction to Christian
ethics in three parts: reflection on the theological context of Christian morality,
analysis of its traditional methods of moral reasoning, and application of these
methods to various contemporary moral issues. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 261. World Religions (3) (D) H A survey course covering the major world
religions, such as Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism,
Islam, Judaism, and Taoism. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 321. Worship as Ethics (3) (W) P/M This course draws on liturgical texts,
classical authors, and modern writers to develop a liturgically based understanding
of the Christian moral life and to apply that understanding to selected ethical
issues. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 331. Prophets (3) (W) B A study of the major prophets of the Old Testament
that will examine the historical context, literary style, and theological themes
of each. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 332. Gospel & Letters of John (3) (W) B An analysis of the structure and
purpose of John’s Gospel and Letters, their formation and literary problems. An
examination of the distinctive Johannine community. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 333. Letters of Paul (3) (W) B A study of the life and writings of St. Paul
with an emphasis on his major theological insights (sin, freedom, faith, and union
in Christ) and the pastoral motivation for his letters. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 342. Vatican II (3) (W) S/H A study of the path-breaking work of the
Second Vatican Council, called the most signifi cant religious event of the 20th
century, and its impact on contemporary Christianity, both Catholic and ecumenical.
Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 343. Sacraments (3) S/H A study of the history and theology of individual
sacraments and of sacraments in general. This course examines both classic views
(Cyril of Jerusalem, Augustine, Aquinas, Trent) and recent developments, especially
the teaching and reforms of Vatican II. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 344. Christology (3) S/H An investigation into the theology of the personal
identity of Jesus Christ. A critical analysis will focus selectively on the New
Testament data, the trinitarian and Christological formulations of dogma, as well
as some of the principal modern historical and theological interpretations. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 345. Religion & Culture (3) (D) S A study of religious faith as a central
fact of history and world culture through a reflective interpretation of major literary,
historical, and theological documents. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 350. Catholic Social Thought (3) (D,W) M Contemporary Christians face
complex social realities increasingly hostile to human flourishing, owing to the
industrial and technological revolutions, capitalism, consumerism and globalization.
This course explores some of the pivotal documents in the Catholic response
to these developments, the social problems underlying these documents, and the
stories of persons whose lives were informed by this tradition. Same course as
POL 383. Prerequisite: six hours of theology or permission of instructor.

THL 352. Peace and Justice Issues (3) M A Christian approach to the basic
ethical demands arising from being a citizen in the human family: the responsibility
of nations and individuals to pursue, protect or establish peace; the imperative
to seek justice in social and political structures. Current issues, e.g., war and peace,
economic systems, environmental concern. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.
THL 353. Human Sexuality & Marriage (3) M A Christian understanding of
human sexuality and the ethical imperative for personal responsibility and integrity
in behavior; issues of pre-marital sex and homosexuality. Catholic theology
of marriage as sacrament, issues of divorce and remarriage, impediments, requirements
for marriage. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 354. Religion and International Politics (3) (W/D) M This course will
explore the ambivalent role played by religion in global affairs: a source both of
deadly conflicts and of acts of peacemaking. Particular themes include Islam in
the international arena, religion and human rights, conceptions of world order, and
United States foreign policy. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 363. American Religious History (3) (W) H A study of the principal developments
of religious experience and religious thought in the history of America,
along with consideration of their impact on American culture. Prerequisite: THL

THL 365. Judaism (3) (D) H A theological study of the teaching and practice of
Judaism. Both its historical traditions and present-day expressions are examined.
Sponsored by the Jewish Chautauqua Society. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 385. Special Topics in Theology I (3) (D) This course satisfies the college-wide
diversity requirement. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 386. Special Topics in Theology II (3) (W) This course is recognized as
writing intensive. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 387. Special Topics in Theology III (3) (D,W) This course is writing
intensive and also satisfies the college-wide diversity requirement. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 388. Special Topics in Theology IV (3) Content of this course will vary, to
offer special areas of study which satisfy the theology core requirement. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 390. Honors Theology II: Major Themes (3) (W) An advanced seminar
on a particular topic in religious studies (e.g., Catholicism, Christology, Gospels,
Religion & Culture, World Religions), designed especially for Honors students.
Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 391. Honors Theology II: Major Themes (3) (D,W)

A course designed for Honors students which has been previously approved
for the Diversity designation. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

The following courses do not ordinarily satisfy the core requirement in theology. They are
sometimes taught as separate, independent courses, but most often are used to designate courses
from the graduate program which are taken for undergraduate credit (with appropriate adjustments in
assignments and expectations).

THL 421. Religious Education (3) P A study of both the theory and practice of
religious education. This course is designed for educators who will work either in
Catholic schools or in parish programs. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 425. Special Topics in Pastoral Theology (3) P This course will focus on
a particular aspect of the theology of Church or ministry, including liturgical and
184 Division of Philosophy and Theology catechetical topics.
The course presumes familiarity with basic liturgical and pastoral
theology. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 431. Old Testament Topics (1-3) B An in-depth study of a special topic in
Old Testament literature, such as a major theological theme, a particular literary
genre, a period in Israelite history. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 432. New Testament Topics (1-3) B An advanced study of a special topic of
interest in the New Testament, such as a particular New Testament book or literary
form, or a common theme from various New Testament perspectives. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 440. Reconciliation (3) (W) P/S As an expression of the atoning work of Jesus
Christ, reconciliation stands at the center of Christian belief and practice. This
course explores the sacrament of reconciliation in its broader theological context,
from a variety of angles: historical, systematic, liturgical, and pastoral. Prerequisite:
THL 101/190.

THL 441. Eucharistic Theology (3) S/P/H A doctrinal study of the Eucharist
with special emphasis on its liturgical context, as a sacrament of Christ and
Church, and as the source and summit of sacramental life. Prerequisite: THL

THL 451. Christian Spirituality (3) P An introduction to the meaning of religious
experience or spiritual life from a Christian perspective, consisting of both
a theoretical classroom presentation and a practical application through personal
meditation. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 452. Special Moral Topics (1-3) M This course presumes familiarity with
fundamental ethical categories. It will focus on one particular ethical issue for an
extensive and thorough treatment. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 455. History of Spirituality (3) H/P A study of major traditions or authors
of spirituality throughout the history of Christianity, such as the desert monks,
the mystical traditions of the middle ages, Ignatian spirituality, Teresa of Avila or
Thomas Merton. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 461-462. History of Christian Thought I-II (3,3) H/S This course explores the
history of Christian theology, focusing on developments during one of the major historical epochs:
i.e., early, medieval, reformation, modern. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 469. Major Theologian (3) S/H An in-depth study of the life and works of
an eminent theologian: e.g., Origen, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin,
Rahner. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 471. The Way of Zen (3) (D) H A study of the historical and philosophical
origins of this major school of Japanese Buddhism, examining the actual experiences
of Zen and reflecting on their cross-cultural (American and Christian) appropriation.
Prerequisite: THL 101/190.

THL 490. Intensive Reading Seminar (1-3) (W) An in-depth study of a particular
theologian or theological school; limited to students with junior or senior standing
and includes a formal research paper. Prerequisites: fifteen hours theology or
permission of chair of theology.

THL 494/495. Advanced Topics in Theology (3) (W) Designed primarily for
theology majors and minors, the content of this course will vary, but will always
include a formal research paper and oral presentation. It offers greater depth of
inquiry and assumes a basic foundation in theological study. When this course has
an approved D (diversity) designation, it will be listed as THL 494 (D,W). Prerequisite:
nine hours theology or permission of instructor.

THL 496/497. Senior Seminar (3) (W) Designed for graduating theology majors,
ordinarily taken during the senior year, it requires independent critical research,
culminating in a thesis paper (20-30 pages) and formal presentation in a public forum.
When this course has an approved D (diversity) designation, it will be listed
as THL 497 (D,W). Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission.

THL 499. Theology Seminar (1-4) Special problems in religious thought. Content
of course will be varied to meet more specialized needs/interests of the students
and instructor. Prerequisite: THL 101/190.