Certificate of Ministry

The Certificate of Ministry is designed for students interested in some form of church-related work, such as catechetical, family or youth ministry. It requires completion of 12 credit hours in applied theology, offered in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Mobile. Students complete the 12 hours according to a range of required courses, depending on their area of interest: 4-8 credits in field education (MIN 390/392), usually 2 credits per semester during sophomore, junior or senior years; 3-6 credits in ministry workshops or seminars (MIN 395); and 2-4 credits in spirituality (SPT) courses. In addition to MIN and SPT courses, approved courses in applied theology, such as THL 421 (Religious Education), may satisfy up to 3 credits of the requirement.

For theology majors, these 12 hours also fulfill the program elective requirements. As part of the holistic formation for church ministry, recommended by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord”), the certificate requires completion of an extracurricular spiritual formation component, which consists of participation in at least three student retreats before graduation.

MIN 390. Ministry Practicum:

Beginners (1-4) Field education offers a work/learning experience at an approved placement, under the supervision of a mentor and including a weekly reflection meeting, journaling and final paper. Designed to offer students practical ministry experience and opportunities for theological reflection in a seminar setting, one credit of the practicum will require approximately 30 hours at the placement site. When these placements connect students with adverse population and with issues of social justice and social analysis, application may be made for D (diversity) credit, with approval of the chair of theology, through the Core Development Committee.

MIN 392. Ministry Practicum:

Advanced (1-4) For those who have already completed one semester of Field Education (see MIN 390), with a separate weekly reflection seminar. Prerequisite: MIN 390.

MIN 395. Special Topics in Ministry

(1-4) These workshops or seminars address particular, applied aspects of various areas in pastoral ministry. Workshops (single-session events) or seminars (multiple sessions) focus on particular issues related to ministry; one credit will require a minimum of 5 contact hours, along with readings and a paper.