Roy Education Scholarship

The Harmon F. Roy Education Scholarship at Spring Hill College

For many years Mr. Harmon F. Roy has been deeply interested in the problems and remediation of students suffering from learning disabilities or dyslexia.  He became president of the Reading Research Foundation in 1970.  He and his family operated a reading research school for thirty-five years, where he experienced the joy of seeing children, who previously could not read or achieve success in school, overcome their disabilities and achieve significant success in their education and their lives. 

In 1995, Mr. and Mrs. Roy and their son formed the Harmon F. Roy Family Foundation, which awards grants to elementary schools and colleges to further the education of children with learning disabilities or dyslexia.  Their foundation initiated the Harmon F. Roy Educational Scholarship at Spring Hill College in 2003, and the first scholarship was awarded for Fall 2003.  Beginning in the 2005/2006 academic year, recipients of the scholarship receive $2000 per semester during each semester they are enrolled in upper-division education courses as a full-time student. 

Laboratory/Internship requirements

Recipients of the Harmon F. Roy Family Education Scholarship are required to:

1. Participate in an additional approved laboratory experience of at least two hours, one afternoon per week for the entire semester during each semester recipients are enrolled in upper-division education courses.  Recipients will observe and assist students with learning disabilities under the direct supervision of a certified learning disability specialist.

2.  Present an oral report on each of the above laboratory experiences near the end of each semester, accompanied by a written summary which will become part of the recipient’s permanent file.

3.  Develop a case study on a approved student with learning disabilities during the internship semester.

4. Present the case study at a meeting of the Teacher Education Advisory Committee.

Teacher education faculty will approve the assignment of the certified learning specialist and will supervise the laboratory experiences.  On-going attendance records will be maintained, and a three-way performance evaluation will be made at the end of each semester by the cooperating learning specialist, the college supervisor and the recipient.