Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Criminology Concentration

Beyond Criminal Minds and CSI.

At Spring Hill College, you’ll examine the factors that affect criminal behavior, analyze the impact of crime on society, and develop new theories on crime prevention.

Students who complete the criminology program at SHC gain:

  • • The benefits of a general sociology background;
  • • An ability to analyze societal responses to crime, criminal behavior, and methods of social control;
  • • An understanding of the consequences of crime, laws, and criminal behavior; and
  • • An understanding of the origins of crime, laws, and social control.

Criminologists may work as college professors or as advisors to state legislatures or Congress. They help form public policy as it relates to the prevention of crime. They often work closely with police departments to help them better serve their communities.

Degree Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Concentration in Criminology

Course Title Hours
SOC 1011 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 250 Social Problems 3
BIO 117 or Forensic Biology (3) or
CHM 102 Forensic Sciences 3

Course Title Hours
SOC 314 Deviant Behavior 3
SOC 345 Sociological Theory 3
SOC 350 Research Methods in Sociology 3
SOC 353 Criminology 3
SOC 354 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOC 480 Senior Experience in Sociology 3
SOC 483 Sociology of Law 3
Program Electives 9