Experiential Learning and Field Experience

Field Experience PSY446

What is Field Experience?

All psychology majors are required to complete either Research Experience (PSY451/452) or Field Experience (PSY446). Each course is designed to be completed during your final year of study when you have completed most of your other coursework.

In Field Experience you have an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your courses by volunteering at a placement in the community throughout the semester. It can also help you decide what careers or graduate programs you might like to pursue after you finish school. Our students have worked in a variety of settings including out-patient mental health facilities, organizations for children with Autism, domestic violence shelters, physical therapy rehabilitation centers, and many others throughout the community.

How to Prepare for Field Experience

The Semester Before You Would Like to Enroll:

  1. Complete the Field Experience application (available from psychology faculty members) and prepare a copy of your résumé and degree audit
  2. Complete an individual interview with the instructor – be sure to bring application, résumé, and degree audit
  3. Contact potential placement sites to schedule interviews
  4. Meet with potential site supervisors and complete the practicum agreement form (available from your instructor)
  5. Deliver completed practicum agreement form to your instructor who will give you permission to enroll in the course

 Field Experience Requirements

  • Complete 120 hours of service to your site
  • Attend class meetings
  • Complete an APA-style literature review (discussed in class)
  • Complete a 15-minute professional presentation (discussed in class)
  • Complete monthly reports and other assigned activities

 Questions about Field Experience? Contact Dr. Franco-Zamudio at jfrancozamudio@shc.edu.

Fall 2018

Dwell Mobile: Dot Brown
Lifelines Counseling Services: Angelika Luc, Maddy Johnson, Michael Fouts, Nina Vesolinovic, Iriel Evans
Little Tree Preschool: Allison Stuart, Layne Kieschnick
USA Children's & Women's NICU: Ellie Seiter
Alta Pointe Residential Facility: Victoria Simpson
Hurley Counseling Practice: Samantha Thomas
SHC English Dept (Dr. Swender): Doug Dillon
USA Clinical Psyc Dept (Dr. Smith): Sarah Chapman
Legal Services AL: Lily Shropshire
PSY446 Fall 2017 Site
Bossert, Brianna Little Tree
Cunningham, Tori SHC Campus Ministry
Freeman, Kayla Penelope House
Gilligan, Haley Spring Hill Manor Nursing & Rehab
Hawkins, Darrien Bishop State CC Guidance & Counseling Office
Hutti, Mary Dwell Mobile
Joseph, Arielle Mobile Cty District Court
Kamp, Allison Little Tree
Kasuda, Lauren USA Dept of Psychology
Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Regional School for the Deaf & Blind
Maurin, Meg Lifelines Counseling Center
Miller, Olivia Private Practice - Norma Faye Pierce
Mitchell, Kathryn SHC Dept of English & Lit
Robinson, Chyanna St. Mary's Home
Wagoner, Courtney Animal Rescue Foundation
Hightower, Stephanie Little Tree
Lanson, Nicolle L'Arche Mobile
Harris, Jackson Via
Pall, Hunter Parallax Lacrosse
Causey, Rejinald Nobles Group Home
Kirkikis, Cobe Via
Watts, Alicia Center for Fair Housing
Novak, Kim Kids Kount Therapy Services

2016 Site Summary
Student Primary site Secondary site
Abraham, Natalie M. Mobile Infirmary
Allen, Taylor W. Mercy Life
Allison, Kalle W. Housing First
Armbruster, Mary H. USA Children's & Women's
Bongiovanni, Maria T. Little Tree
Byrne, Rebecca N. Mobilie County District Court
Campos, Jacob M. SHC Wellness
Charnock, Jenna A. Kids Kounty Therapy Services
Cofield, Audrey L. Mobilie County District Court
Garcia, Sonia S. SHC CASA
Hahn, Zachary M. Spring Hill Manor Nursing & Rehab
Hunt, DeShala C. SHC Public Safety Goodwill & Easter Seals
Jones, Kourtney S. Alabama Orthopaedic
Keelen, Jessica M. Encore Rehab
Littles, Jasmine A. Kids Kounty Therapy Services
Maples, Frances W. Hurley Counseling
Mastrogiovanni, Margaret E. Simpson TA
Medlock, Jennifer R Little Tree
Mogil, Alexis M. Lifelines Counseling Services
Murray, Barry L.,, JR Lifelines Counseling Services
Nobles, Alexis S. Bay Area Psychology & Counseling
Perret, Carson D. Norma Faye Pierce
Peth, Connor William Greer TA
Price, Darian L. Providence Hospital
Richmeyer, Jessica L. SHC Campus Ministry
Santiago, Wilfred W.,, III Eastern Shore Rehab
Schaefer, Cameron E. American Red Cross
Sergiovanni, Katherine Elizabeth SHC Career Development
Sims, Bendrea C. Naman's Catering
Stewart, Michael B United Cerebral Palsy
Thorn, Kirsten M New York Life
Trenier, Jennifer M. Regional School for Deaf & Blind
Watts, Alicia S. Ronald McDonald House

Field Experience Placements 2015

  • Rebekah Kisiah & Karrie Quirin, AltaPointe (Centralized Services)
  • Arianne Stallings, AltaPointe LeMoyne School
  • Jenia Bello & Julia Cieutat, Woody's Song
  • Courtney Nall, Bay Area Psychology and Counseling  
  • Susanna Whitman, SHC Statistics Teaching Assistant
  • Mary Schwing, Regional School for Deaf and Blind
  • Catherine Laughlin, St. Mary's Home
  • Jo Minto, South Alabama Speech and Hearing Center  
  • Bridget Nourse, Infirmary Therapy Services  
  • Rachel McNeil, Infirmary Health  
  • Madeline Perseghin, SHC Center for Community Collaboration  
  • Erin Sullivan, SHC Wellness Center
  • Emily Thrush, Via Health, Fitness, and Enrichment Center
  • Emily Wellmeier, Catholic Social Services 

Field Experience, Service Placements 2014

  • Katherine Abalos, Little Tree Learning Center
  • Bria Bohanan, Encore Rehabilitation
  • Amber Bowie, USA Midtown Pediatrics
  • Shontyeria Burks, Nobles Group Home
  • Lakittreal Campbell, Mary B. Austin School Counselor
  • Jane Carriere, Spring Hill College Counseling Services
  • Demetria Coleman, St. Mary's Home
  • Patrick Danner, Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama
  • Megan Gietl, Little Tree Learning Center
  • Brooke Herren, Penelope House
  • Shardena Jones, Wilmer Hall 
  • Whitney Lambeth, Spring Hill College Department of Psychology
  • Victoria LeBlanc, Little Tree Learning Center 
  • Clare Lynch, PRO Health Therapy Services
  • Rachel McMullen, Penelope House
  • Greg Overbeek, AltaPointe LeMoyne School
  • Tiffany Thomas, Spring Hill College Wellness Center
  • Elissa VandeWaa, PRO Health Therapy Services
  • Bianca White, AltaPointe LeMoyne School
  • Regan Williams, Little Tree Learning Center
  • Twarner Witherspoon, The Center for Fair Housing
  • Hannah Yarbrough, USA Speech and Hearing Center 

Field Experience, Service Placements 2013

  • Annie Babbington, Altapointe
  • Rebecca Benson, Learning Tree
  • Victoria Bridges, Premier Medical
  • Severin Chambers, Little Tree
  • Jacob Choplin, Dr. Davis
  • Kirstyn Cline, Infirmary
  • Rachael Cochran, Penelope House
  • Patrick Culotta, SHC Rehab
  • Dustin Dearmon, AIDS Alabama
  • Meg Devereux, Covenant Hospice
  • Chasity Douyon, SHC Wellness Center
  • Katie Dupuy, AltaPointe
  • Michelle Gad, Strickland
  • Andres Garcia, Fleming Rehab
  • Nagjee Gatson, Learning Tree
  • Tempey Hamilton, Catholic Social Services
  • Ashley Hill, AltaPointe
  • Joan Hutchens, Little Tree
  • Kat Jakuback, Red Cross
  • Shundrika Jones, Alabama Baptist Children’s Home
  • Eric Kaftan, Mary B. Austin
  • Lauren Kilroy,  Crowne Health Care
  • Shamichael Kittler, Easter Seals
  • Lauren LaForce, Penelope House
  • Alannah Mannix-Slobig, Encore Rehab
  • Marlena Martin, Alabama Orthopedic
  • Kyndra Perry, Alabama Department of Mental Health
  • Samantha Samry, SHC/Encore
  • Carlee Sinkus, USA Neuropsych  and D. Ward
  • Michael Smilari, Boys and Girls Club
  • Kimberley Stevens,  School for Deaf and Blind
  • Brandon Thompson, Infirmary Health
  • Emily Yokubaitis, Woody’s Song

Experiential Learning 


Students in PSY330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology completed projects for 

Little Sisters of the Poor & The Regional School for the Deaf and Blind: Samantha Thomas, Haley Thomas, and Audrey Nelson

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Alabama: Brigid Brewer, David Madrazo, and Shelly Rivera

ARC- Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings: Joel Fonseca, Tori Cunningham, and Gretchen Hullenbaugh

Spring 2016 

The students in the PSY330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology class are partnering with the Spring Hill College Center for Community Collaboration this semester to develop projects for the following :

Light of the Village: Quentin Watson, Maddy Perseghin, Eddie Gonzalez,  Andrew McInnis (not pictured), and Nick DeFelice (not pictured).

Little Sisters of the Poor: Katherine Sergiovanni, Erin Anderson, Alex Baalman, Alexis Nobles, and Suzanne Monlezun

Davidson High School: 
Zsaree Morissette, Kourtney Jones, Kirsten Thorn, and Areona O’Cain

Via Health, Fitness, and Enrichment Center and Lifelines Counseling: 
Chianne Laiwa, Cobe Kirkikis, Jacob Campos, Emily Thrush, Jackson Harris, Chris Sickafoose, and Mary Schwing (not pictured) 

Lifelines Counseling: 
Ashley McIntyre and DeShala Jackson  

Fall 2014 

The students in the PSY330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology class are participating in several service projects during the fall 2014 semester:

Shonteryia Burks, Lakittreal Campbell, Joseph Iacobucci, and Nick Myrick created a brochure (click the word brochure to view their work) and intake forms for the the Center for Fair Housing. 


Leah McLarty, Melvin Lang, Hayley Hunter, Robert Quinn, and Jasmine Jones created a volunteer handbook for Ransom Cafe and a brochure (click the word brochure to view their work) for Ransom Ministries. 

Dylan Gardner, Cole Enmon, and Patrick Danner created a brochure (click the word brochure to view their work) for the Little Tree.

Fall 2013 

The students in the PSY330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Class are participating in several service projects during the Fall 2013 Semester:

Emily Martin (Leader), Erin Claxton, Whitney Lambeth, Matt Fuentes, and Mike Short developed several projects for Light of the Village (LOV). The team created a pamphlet and etsy website to advertise the candles that LOV sells as a fundraiser for their program. The team also created video to post on the gofundme fundraising page.  


 Najee Gatson (Leader), Lorenza Croom, Lauren Kilroy, Lennsey Hanchey,  and Annie Babbington developed a volunteer handbook and video (click the word video to view their work) for The Little Tree.

Eric Kaftan (Leader), Jack Howard, Brandon Thompson, Kirsten Bordis, and Victoria Bridges created a Volunteer Handbook for the Boys and Girls Club.

Shamichael Kittler (Leader), Melaine Parker, Chastity Douyon, and Twarner Witherspoon developed a volunteer handbook for Light of the Village.

Jordan Truxillo (Leader), Any Caballero, Jenia Bello, and Alissa Keegan created a community survey for Mercy Life.

Marlena Martin (Leader), Regan Williams, Bianca White, and Shardena Jones will be created a training system for Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic.