Dr. Victor Di Fate

An image of Victor Di Fate.

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University)
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 364; phone 251-380-4194; email

Areas of Specialization: History and Philosophy of Science; History of Ideas

Dr. Chris Dodsworth

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Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan)
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 306; phone 251-380-5220; email

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Theology; Metaethics

Dr. Michael Ferry

An image of Michael Ferry.

Professor, Department Chair (Ph.D. Georgetown University)

Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 357; phone 251-380-5221; email

Areas of Specialization: Moral and Political Philosophy

Dr. Chelsea Haramia

Dr. Chelsea Haramia

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder)
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 356; phone 251-380-4671; email

Areas of Specialization: Ethical Theory, Astrobiology Ethics, Bioethics, Animal Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy

Recent Projects

  • "How Should We Search for Intelligent Life in the Cosmos?" Daily Nous special issue, edited by Justin Weinberg and Kelly C. Smith (February 2021).
  • “An Ethical Assessment of SETI, METI, and the Value of Our Planetary Home” (co-authored with Julia DeMarines) in Astrobiology: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy, edited by Octavio Chon Torres, Ted Peters, Joseph Seckbach, and Russell Gordon. New York: Wiley Scrivener [FORTHCOMING].
  • “Feminism Part 3: The Dominance Approach” in 1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology (August 2020).
  • “The Imperative to Create an Ethically-Informed METI Protocol” (co-authored with Julia DeMarines) in Theology and Science, vol. 7, no. 1 (Jan. 2019).

CV: Chelsea Haramia's c.v.

Dr. Daniel Massey

An image of Daniel Massey.

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Connecticut)
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 358; phone 251-380-4673; email

Areas of Specialization: Ethics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Language

Dr. Thomas Metcalf

Dr. Thomas Metcalf

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder)
Faculty Director of Core and Assessment
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 355; phone 720-470-3000; email

Areas of Specialization: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science

Recent Projects

  • "The Nomological Argument for the Existence of God," Noûs (forthcoming) (with Tyler Hildebrand).
  • "On Friederich's New Fine-Tuning Argument," Foundations of Physics (forthcoming).
  • "Philosophy," 1000-Word Philosophy (October 2020).
  • An Axiological-Trajectory Theodicy,” Sophia 59, no. 3 (September 2020).

CV: Thomas Metcalf's c.v.

Ms. Catherine Druhan

An image of Catherine Druhan.

Administrative Assistant
Lucey Administrative Center, LAC 372; phone 251-380-4660; email

  • Dr. Chelsea Haramia