2016 Award Winners

2016 Award Winners Maggie Browning, Brianna Weis, and Angeline Morris

The history department confers four awards each spring at the college's honors convocation.

President’s Scholar

The most prestigious History award–President’s Scholar in History–is given to the student who has demonstrated with greatest distinction those qualities of scholarship and achievement appropriate to the study of History. President’s Scholars must have a cumulative quality quotient of 3.5 or better.

Ron Drago Award

The Ron Drago Award is presented annually to the History senior who is most likely to make important future contributions to the field of History.

The Patricia G. Harrison Award

Presented annually to the outstanding History senior who will make a significant contribution to a professional field, the Patricia G. Harrison Award, formerly known as the Distinguished History Scholar Award, was renamed in honor of esteemed Spring Hill College history faculty member Pat Harrison in 2014.

Howard Smith Award

The Howard Smith Award is presentedannually to the outstanding History major in the junior class.

Previous Award Winners

President’s Scholar

2013 Whitney Brady
2012 Hannah Zimmerman
2011 Daniel Casanova
2010 Caroline Haas
2009 Christine Gregg
2008 Andrew Wegmann
2007 Timberly Ackels
2006 Alicia Parker
2005 Dragan Stojanovic
2004 None awarded
2003 Stephen Robichaux
2002 Dana Dachelet
2001 Dana Dachelet

Ron Drago Award

2013 Ilaria Bruce
2012 Matt Jordan
2011 Robert Farrell
2010 None awarded
2009 Robert (Chad) Boykin and Brandy A. Williams
2008 Molly Leblanc
2007 Alicia Parker
2006 Brian Duke
2005 None awarded
2004 Danielle Booth
2003 B.J. Bertucci
2002 None awarded
2001 Megan McPadden

Distinguished History Scholar Award/Patricia G. Harrison Award

2013 Mark Brink and Konstantin Wertelecki
2012 Phoenix Iverson
2011 Megan Spruell
2010 Nicholas Rayburn
2009 Kristen Speeg
2008 None awarded
2007 Dorsey Luther

Howard Smith Award

2013 Sara Horan
2012 Whitney Brady and Konstantine Wertelecki
2011 Matthew Jordan and Hannah Zimmerman
2010 Daniel Casanova and Robert Farrell
2009 Caroline Haas and Nicholas Rayburn
2008 Robert (Chad) Boykin and Kristen Speeg
2007 Andrew Wegman
2006 Timmie Ackels and Dorsey Luther
2005 Brian Duke
2004 Joe Fields
2003 None awarded
2002 Stephen Robichaux
2001 Courtney Hassel