Withdrawal Policy

If you find that you must withdraw from a course, it is absolutely necessary that you go through the Withdrawal Procedure.

If you are withdrawing during early in the term you should be able to withdraw using Badgerweb.  The college policy is you are able to withdraw until the 44th day of the semester and that date is set for both semesters and programed into Badgerweb.  The professor is able to Withdraw a student up to the last day of class.

So if you are unable to Withdraw from a course (while the course is still in session) please email the Director (carmody@shc.edu) using your SHC email account and ask to be withdrawn from the course.

Make sure that if you need to withdraw that you email me immediately.  You can be given a refund if you withdraw very early. (Please see the Refund Policy page.)

Your must withdraw even if you are not due a refund.  Failure to withdraw will result in your receiving an “F” for the course, which will result in dismissal from the program.