Silent Ignatian Directed Retreats

What is a directed retreat?

A directed retreat is an opportunity for a person to focus on one's personal relationship with God, particularly one's prayer life, as well as one's relationship with others. This is done over a period of time, in solitude and silence, in communion with God. The length of time can extend from three to eight days. 

During this time the retreatant meets daily with their director for forty-five minutes to an hour during which they share whatever information about their relationship with God and prayer life that they wish. This information helps the director to be an effective spiritual companion. The director will usually assign several scripture passages for the individual to pray with prior to their next meeting. 

How one prays the scripture passages is left up to the retreatant and the director. Usually three or four formal periods of prayer from a half to a full hour are recommended; the scheduling of these prayer periods is left up to the retreatant. One often spends informal times during the day reflecting on the prayer experience and on how God is touching one's life. The day should be spent in rest and relaxation in the presence of God. Each person finds his or her daily rhythm of prayer, reflection and relaxation in an atmosphere of silence, peace and calm. The important thing is to be alone with God in a spirit of silence and simplicity, for it is in this climate that one can best experience the voice of God.


From first-time silent retreatants:
"The setting is so beautiful; it invited me to walk and wonder in the awesomeness of God."
"The retreat was wonderful.  I feel like I have spent three days resting in the palm of God's hand."
"It was exactly what I needed!"

From retreatants who have made several silent retreats at Spring Hill College:
"God always shows up in amazing ways when I do this retreat."
"It was exactly what I needed!" (No...not a duplication. Two different retreatants said exactly the same thing.)
"This was a wonderful time for me...a real blessing."

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”

~Gerald Manley Hopkins


3, 5 or 8 Day Retreat

Friday Evening, June 4 – Saturday Afternoon, June 12, 2021

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Spring Hill CollegeSpring Hill College will offer individually directed silent retreats following the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius on our 380 acre campus in Mobile, Alabama.

Participants may register for either three, five or eight full days of retreat. The eight-day retreat begins with a short orientation on Friday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m., and ends after lunch on Saturday, June 12. Eight-day retreatants will begin their first full retreat day on June 5. Five and three-day retreats may be taken for any five or three consecutive days during this time period; retreatants should arrive for the orientation session on the previous evening, at 7:30 p.m.

Directors will be staff and graduates of Spring Hill's Certificate of Spiritual Direction program. Retreatants will be housed in single occupancy rooms; 3 meals are provided each full day of the retreat (none on orientation day).

Spring Hill College

In the words of one of our recent directors, the silent Ignatian retreat offers “the opportunity to be refreshed with a renewed balance, centered in God, and to set priorities that nurture one’s true self, found in God. As a retreat director, it has been a great joy for me to witness God’s presence and loving touch in the lives of retreatants.”


  • 8 Day retreat - $560 (includes room and board for 8 nights)
  • 5 Day retreat - $350 (includes room and board for 5 nights)
  • 3 Day retreat - $210 (includes room and board for 3 nights)
  • Extra night lodging (no meals) - $35

More Information: Please contact the Spring Hill College Theology Office at (251) 380-4458 or