Course Schedule

Theology & Ministry Courses

As part of its mission and commitment to serve as an educational resource for the Catholic community as well as the wider Christian community of the southeast, Spring Hill College offers a blended program with a minimum of classroom experiences at two sites: Mobile, AL and Atlanta, GA.

Level 1 (L1) courses are taught online and require students to attend one (1) in-classroom meeting at either the Mobile or the Atlanta campus. Level 2 (L2) courses are taught fully online. Graduate Seminars are one (1) credit, weekend courses offered in both Mobile and Atlanta.

Summer 2019: May 13-August 11

THL503 (386) The Synoptic Gospels (B)
Dr. Timothy Carmody

(Fully Online)

THL574 Inter-Religious Dialogue (M)

Dr. Matthew Bagot
(See the Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality page for more information.)

Fall 2019: August 26-November 25

THL502 (343) Theology of Sacrament (L1)  (S/H)
Fr. Christopher Viscardi, S.J.
(Class Meetings:  Oct 26 – Mobile;  Nov 2 – Atlanta)

Required Text: Irwin, Kevin W. The Sacraments: Historical Foundations and Liturgical Theology. Paulist Press: 2016. ISBN: 9780809149551

THL520 Theological Research Methods (Required Core Course)
Dr. Timothy Carmody
(Fully Online)

THL533 (333) The Pauline Letters and Theology (L2)  (B)
Sr. Nelida Naveros
Required Text: Gorman, Michael. Apostle of the Crucified Lord. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2004. ISBN: 978-0-8028-3934-3

Spring 2020: January 13-April 20

THL510 Introduction to Practical Theology (L1)  (P)
Dr. Demetrius Semien

THL521 (441) Eucharist (L2)  (P/S/H)
Dr. Stephen Wilson

Summer 2020

THL554 (350) Catholic Social Thought (L2)  (M)
Dr. Matthew Bagot

(3 credit course offered in the Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality.)


THL=Theology Course; SPT=Spirituality Course

B=Biblical Theology; H=Historical Theology; S=Systematic Theology; M=Moral Theology; P=Pastoral Theology

Course numbers in parentheses are undergraduate numbers for the CTS program.