September 2017

New Additions

Spring Hill College is pleased to have welcomed the following, new full-time faculty for the 2017-18 academic year: Henrietta Brown, DNP (Nursing), Yuriy Bulka, PhD (Mathematics), Marie Escalante, PhD (Foreign Languages), Kenneth Moss, PhD (History), and Nicholas Wood, PhD (History).


Nicole Larriviere is serving as the faculty sponsor for the new Business Club.

Anindya Biswas, PhD, will present a paper titled “Public Subsidy on Education and Welfare in Small OECD Countries: A Theoretical and Empirical Reconciliation” at the Southern Economic Association Conference. He will also serve as a chair in a Pedagogy Session “Predictors for Student Success and Effort in College.”

Communication, Fine & Performing Arts
Sharee Broussard, APR, PhD, presented “Measuring Social Impact” at the South Alabama Nonprofit Summit and began the Ignatian Colleagues Program Cohort 10.

Wanda Sullivan, Director of the Eichold Gallery, has paintings in the 2017 Wichita National All-Media Exhibition at Mark Arts at the Mary R Koch Arts Center in Kansas and the Art at the X-National Juried Exhibition at Xavier University. She also presented “Synthetic Naturals: Visual Metaphors for Climate Change,” at Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education in Washington.

Rachael Hatley’s “Litter Letter” project is now in Australia and Bristol, England.


April Sanders, PhD, had a book chapter published in “Fostering Reflective Teaching Practice in Pre-Service Education,“ a peer-review book. Her chapter is “Preservice Teachers' Self-Reflection when Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom” (chapter 14).

Language & Literature

“Sigma Sums,” a story written by Michael Piafsky, PhD, Director of the Writing Program, was named an honorable mention in the Glimmer Train Very Short Story Fiction Award.

Stephanie Balmori had a poem, “Broken from the Body,” accepted for publication in Bellum, a literary magazine.

Social Sciences

Nic Wood, PhD, presented a paper about Quaker antislavery at the annual meeting of the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic. His article, “A ‘Class of Citizens’: The Earliest Black Petitioners to Congress and Their Quaker Allies,” appeared in the January issue of the William and Mary Quarterly and his article (which he co-authored), “‘To Friends and All Whom It May Concerne’: William Southeby’s Rediscovered 1696 Antislavery Protest,” appeared in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography in April. His essay, “The Missouri Crisis and the ‘Changed Object’ of the American Colonization Society,” was included in the book “New Directions in the Study of African American Recolonization.”

Jamie Franco-Zamudio, PhD, has worked with the Empowering Change Mobile committee to "strengthen community connections" and developed Inclusion Workshop materials with a colleague at USA. She facilitated a workshop on conflict resolution during the Focus Women's Conference in September. 

Demetrius Semien, PhD, hosted the Inaugural Neighbor Center Luncheon that featured former U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown and the TEDx Talk he produced with student Julie Dobbs. He also served as Convener of the Trialogue event in September.   

Kenneth Moss, PhD, presented a paper titled "PIPSA and the Failure of Economic Nationalization during Cárdenas Administration" at the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (RMCLAS).

Tom Ward, PhD, Chair of the Department of History, had his book, “Out in the Rural: A Mississippi Health Center and its War on Poverty,” published by Oxford Press.

Philosophy and Theology

Matthew Bagot, PhD, has a chapter in the book "Public Theology and the Global Common Good: The Contribution of David Hollenbach, SJ,” which was awarded first place at the Catholic Press Association. He presented ““Another Vision of Integral Development: Luigi Sturzo on Human Personality, the International Community and a Pluralistic World” at the Catholic Social Tradition Conference at the University of Notre Dame in March, and presented "When Persons Fail to Flourish: Christian Smith and Luigi Sturzo on the Personal and Social-Structural Roots of the Evil of War" at Societas Ethica's 54th Annual Conference in Greece in August. He also presented “The Dignity of the Human Person: Catholic and Islamic approaches to Human Rights” at The Social Practice of Human Rights: Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy Conference at the University of Dayton Human Rights Center in November.

John Switzer, PhD, has been appointed inaugural editor of the Journal of the Society of Scholar­Priests (JSSP).

George Gilmore, PhD, co-chaired the Systematic Theology section and co-presented “Africa & America: Former European Colonies Face Eurocentrism" for the Philosophy of Religion section of the College Theology Society Annual Conference in Rhode Island in June 2017.

Daniel Massey, PhD, General Studies Program Director, will serve as President of the Alabama Philosophical Society, while Chelsea Haramia, PhD, will serve as treasurer.

Tom Metcalf, PhD, presented "Gun Violence as a Negative Externality of Gun Production” at the conference of the Alabama Philosophical Society. His article, "Ontological Parsimony, Erosion, and Conservatism," was published in the journal, Metaphilosophy, and a second article, "On Godel'ss Ontological Argument," was published in the journal, Inference.

Spring 2017 


Ani Biswas, PhD, assistant professor of finance & economics, is in the process of developing the next course in data analytics (BUS 463). Biswas is also in the early stages of developing a paper with undergraduate student Martin Jaramillo on “Wage gap among different races in USA.”

Biswas had 3 papers published this academic year:

  1. Endogenous labour market imperfection, foreign direct investment and external terms-of-trade shocks in a developing economy, Economic Modelling, Volume 59, December 2016, Pages 416–424 (S. Chaudhuri, and A. Biswas).
  2. The relationship between U.S. market returns and developed countries output data, Empirical Economics Letters, 15(10): (October 2016), Pages 933-939 (A. Biswas and J. B. Larriviere).
  3. Skill formation, public expenditure on education and wage inequality: Theory and evidence (Journal of Quantitative Economics (2017). doi:10.1007/s40953-017-0083-6) (A. Biswas, S. Chaudhuri). 

Sam Khoury, PhD, graduate program director and coordinator of computer information systems, had seven papers accepted for publication in the 2016-2017 academic year:

  1. Risk assessment using internal vector cumulative failure rate. (2017, In Press). K. Jenab, J. Witte, P. Pazos, S. Khoury. International Journal of Business Excellence.
  2. Virtual maintenance, reality, and systems: A review. (2016). K. Jenab, S. Moslehpour, S. Khoury. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) 6 (6), 2698-2707.
  3. The effect of managers’ business intelligence on attracting foreign tourists case study. (2016). H. Teimouri, F.A. Hoojaghan, K. Jenab, S. Khoury. International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence, 6(2) 1-16.
  4. Study of the relationship between employee engagement and organisational effectiveness. (2016). H. Teimouri, M. Chegini, K. Jenab, S. Khoury, K. LaFevor. International Journal of Business Excellence 10 (1), 37-54.
  5. The challenges of the performance evaluation system and effectiveness of human resource management practices: Case study of Iran’s Petrochemical Industry. (2016). H. Teimouri, K. Jenab, S. Khoury. International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Production Research. 27 (1), 31-42.
  6. Studying the relationship between brand personality and customer loyalty: A case study of Samsung mobile phone. (2016). H. Teimouri, N. Fanae, K. Jenab, S. Khoury, S. Moslehpour. International Journal of Business and Management 11 (2), 1-10.
  7. Flow-graph and Markovian methods for cyber security analysis. (2016). K. Jenab, S. Khoury, K. LaFevor. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems 12 (1), 95-85.

The entire MGT 351 class taught by Charmane May, PhD, associate professor of management, participated in StartUp Mobile on March 31-April 2. May was also a coach at this event.

Mark Foster, instructor, presented a Continuing Education class to Wilkins-Millers CPA’s and their clients on November 14. And in January, Mark accompanied 16 SHC students to Washington, DC for the March for Life.

Nicole Larriviere, instructor and business internship coordinator, has 16 Interns completing an internship in the Division of Business (70% paid internships) for Spring 2017.

James B. Larriviere, PhD, division chair and associate professor of economics & finance, developed, proposed, and presented the MBA online program, with concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The program was accepted by the Graduate Committee and will have a start date of fall 2017.

Language and Literature

Michael Piafsky, PhD, associate professor and writing program director, presented at the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers, held in Fairhope, Alabama.

Josh Doty, PhD, assistant professor, presented “Exploring Early American Legacies with Hamilton” at the Meeting of the Society of Early Americanists, held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cathy Swender, PhD, associate professor and department chair of English, along with Wanda Sullivan, MFA, associate professor, presented a paper at the 2017 Gulf South Summit on Service Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education (March 22-24). The title of the paper is: "Forming Partners in Language, Art, Design, and Social Justice: Institutional Mission, Community Engagement, and the Power of the Imagination."

Jeff Stoyanoff, PhD, assistant professor, presented "Dramatic Networks: Marginalized Economics and Labor in The Norwich Grocers' Play" at the 43rd Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium on a panel that he organized.


Terry Mathers, RN, DNS, chair of the division of nursing and associate professor, attended the Master’s Education Conference in Atlanta. As a member of that conference committee, she helped to put together the program, and then assisted with the presentation of the speakers throughout the program. 

Sara Davis, instructor, gave a poster presentation at the Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Conference in Dallas. Citation for her poster is as follows: Davis, S. & Rice, M. (2017). Effects of Maternal and Child Depressive Symptoms and Perceived Stress on Glycemic Control as Mediated by Cortisol in Prepubertal Children with Type-1 Diabetes. Poster Presentation: Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Conference. Dallas, TX.

Shelia Ross, DNP, adjunct, had an article accepted for publication in the May/June edition of the MEDSURG Nursing Journal: Stroke Transitions of Care.


Matthew Bagot, PhD, associate professor, presented a paper at the Soul of Development: 50th Anniversary of Populorum Progressio, Catholic Social Tradition Conference at the University of Notre Dame: “Another Vision of Integral Development: Luigi Sturzo on Human Personality, the International Community and a Pluralistic World." He also presented “Luigi Sturzo—Christian Faith, Human Rights and Global Conflict” during the Spring 2017 Christus Lecture on the Spring Hill College Campus. 

Social Sciences

At the recent annual convention of the International Studies Association in Baltimore, Kevin Funk, PhD, assistant professor and director of international studies: 

  1. presented a paper entitled, “Catch Me if You Can! On the Political Uses of Corporate Globalizing Discourses”
  2. co-organized, co-chaired, and participated on the roundtable, “Higher Education Meets Neoliberalism: International Perspectives on Transformation and Contestation in Global Academia”
  3. participated on the roundtable, “'My Block, My Neighborhood, My City': Local-Global Encounters in Contentious Cities"
  4. served as chair and discussant for several other panels. 

Academic Affairs

George Sims, PhD, and his work, The Little Man's Big Friend, was referenced in a February 11, 2017, article in the Economist.