Dr. Margaret Davis

Dr. Margaret  Davis

Dr. Margaret Davis

Professor Emeritus
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), American Lit, University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa (1990)
Master Degree, English, University of Montevallo (1985)
Master of Science in Education, English Education, Auburn University of Montgomery (1980)
Dr. Davis is interested in early American literature, folk and fairy tales, Latino/a American literature, Southern literature, composition, Interdisciplinary Learning, Global Learning.

Selected Courses: Freshman Composition, Introduction to Fiction, Latino/a American Literature, American Survey, American Novel, Advanced Writing, and specialty course: Madness in American Literature.

Selected Publications:
“Innovative Team Teaching for Systems Thinking and Global Citizenship.” With Leigh Ann Litwiller. Diversity and Democracy 17:2 (Spring 2014). 22-23.
“A Fairy Tale Made Modern in O’Connor’s ‘The Artificial Nigger.’” Flannery O’Connor Review 8 (2010), 48-57.
“How Do We Know if We Are Doing Well?” Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education 38 (2010). 32-34.
“The Narrative Struggle to Accept the Other.” Themes of Conflict in the Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century South. Ed. Ben Robertson. Edwin Mellen Press, 2007. 11-25.
“What Then Is the American, This New Man?” The CEA Forum. Winter 2006. Online journal of the College English Association.
“Teaching Short Fiction: A Fairy Tale Beginning.” Academic Exchange Quarterly 9:1 (Spring 2005): 58-61.
“Mary White Rowlandson’s Self-fashioning as Puritan Goodwife.” Early American Literature 27:1 (1992): 49-60.

Selected Presentations:
Invited presentation at LEAP Challenge Community Forum at AAC&U Diversity, Learning, and Student Success Conference, San Diego, CA, March 26-28, 2015. With Leigh Ann Litwiller.
“The World on a Dime: A Model for Interdisciplinary Global Learning on a Tight Budget.” With Leigh Ann Litwiller. AAC&U Conference Global Learning in College: Asking Big Questions, Engaging Urgent Challenges. Providence, RI, October 2013.
“Assessing the Core Curriculum.” 4th Jesuit Core Curriculum Conference, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, April 2007.
“Transforming Grace Through the Lenses of Will Campbell and Sena Jeter Naslund.” Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference on Grace, Race, and Place. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina, March 2004.
“Learning About Service Learning.” Faculty Friday. Spring Hill College. 2003.
“From Reproduction to Virgin Birth: Anne Bradstreet’s Quest for Voice.” Conference on Literature and Film, Florida State U, January 1993.