Dr. Jeffery G. Stoyanoff

Dr. Jeffery G. Stoyanoff

Dr. Jeffery G. Stoyanoff

Assistant Professor
Gregory Lucey Admin Center, 3rd Floor, Office 384
p: 251-380-4644
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), English, Duquesne University (2015);
Master Degree, English, Duquesne University (2010); 

Bachelor of Arts, English/Education, summa cum laude, Saint Francis University (2007)

Dr. Stoyanoff specializes in medieval English literature, particularly medieval drama and Middle English poetry. He enjoys teaching texts from this period using both historical and critical approaches, particularly gender theory, cultural studies, and Actor-Network Theory. He currently is working on a project that focuses on medieval drama.

Selected Courses

ENG 240: Intro to Poetry
ENG 295: Medieval Masculinities
ENG 320: Medieval Drama
ENG 321: Chaucer
ENG 493: Beowulf and Old English Poetry

ENG 495: Fantasy Literature


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