The English Major

Department Chair: Stephanie Callan, Ph.D.

After completing the core requirements in English, students are ready to begin their upper-division coursework.  


The English major requires 10 courses/30 hours of upper-division coursework.  It is designed to offer students breadth and depth in literary study while also ensuring that they have the flexibility to follow their developing literary interests.  

Required Courses

English majors gain broad knowledge of British and American literary traditions and develop capacities for intensive literary study in these courses:

ENG 300: Critical Approaches to Literature

ENG 308: British Literature to 1798

ENG 318: American Literature to 1865

Topical Electives

Select one in each category for 9 more credits:

ENG 309: British Literature from 1789 to the Present OR ENG 319: American Literature from 1865 to the Present

ENG 320: Literary Movement or Period OR ENG 321: Major Authors

ENG 496: Special Topics in Diversity (topics rotate from semester to semester)


Students also need the flexibility to shape their course of study, pursuing their own intellectual interests. English majors take 3 courses or 9 hours of elective credits in English at the 300 or 400 level. One of these courses can be an upper division WRI or THR course.

ENG 3xx-4xx English Electives 

Senior Synthesis Seminar

This seminar involves an independent research project undertaken in the senior year under the direction of a faculty mentor, culminating in a substantial research paper and a presentation to the faculty.

ENG 498: Senior Synthesis Seminar 


ENG 3xx - 4xx English Electives: 12 credits/4 courses

Before beginning the minor, students must complete their core requirements in English.