Because of its scope and flexibility, the English major prepares students for success in a variety of professional and leadership roles. It provides an excellent background for advanced graduate work in areas such as the humanities, law, medicine, library science, or business. Our graduates often work in journalism or the arts, become teachers or professional/technical writers.

Others find service opportunities in social and civil service work, sometimes after spending time in community service such as the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or Teach for America. Majoring in English at Spring Hill College provides students with reading and communication skills and analytical abilities found highly desirable by any employer or graduate school.


“One of my biggest realizations has been that we are majoring in critical thinking. That is what English classes do—they teach you how to think. People say, ‘What are you going to do with a major in English.’ They think it’s narrow. They don’t realize that it is really a major in thinking.” 

- Kate Flukinger (2008)

“I am really interested in post-colonial theory. I think it is fascinating because it is so relevant. People think English is about Shakespeare, but it is not. It is about politics, sociology, economics, ecology . . . It has so much to do with the contemporary world.” 

- Laura Pawlik (2008)

Where Our Graduates Work

Nature Publishing Group in NYC

Texas State Legislature, policy researcher

Jesuit Volunteers International

Alabama Coastal Foundation

Park Crossing High School, Montgomery, Ala.

Spring Hill College

Published romance novelist

SHC Emerging Technologies Librarian

Badgers in Grad School

St. Louis University

George Washington University

Indiana University

Louisiana State University

University of Alabama

Oklahoma State MFA program

Georgetown University Law School