Top Students

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Communication Arts President's Scholars  (highest senior GPA, along with other outstanding qualities)

  • 2018: Brittany Gagliano
  • 2017: Isabella Martinez
  • 2016: Jacquelyn Saunee
  • 2015: Natalie Finnorn
  • 2014:  Bradley Headrick
  • 2013: Emily King
  • 2012: Catharina Palmer
  • 2011: Abby Cowart
  • 2010: Alyse Granier
  • 2009:
  • 2008:
  • 2007:
  • 2006: Elizabeth Gelineau

J. Franklin Murray Award for "the most promising senior in the Communication Arts program"

  • 2018: Conner Fincher
  • 2017: Travis Cummings
  • 2016: Chris Portie

Autry Greer Award for Community Service in the Media

  • 2018: Alyssa Miles
  • 2017: Lane Brunson
  • 2016: Julia Arenstam

Catholic Press Award for service in the cause of the Catholic Press

  • 2018: Marian Cook
  • 2017: Darian Miller
  • 2016: Gaillard Teague

Robin Goodwin Memorial Award -- Junior who displays the most talent and promise in the discipline (outstanding Junior).

  • 2018: Cecilia Von Mann & Sydney Clark
  • 2017: Brittany Gagliano
  • 2016: Isabella Martinez

Walsh Award for excellence in oratory

  • 2018: Jay Howen
  • 2017: Riley Johnson & Madison Seuzeneau
  • 2016: Hannah McIntyre

Joseph Ledlie Award for excellence in writing for the Springhillian. Created in 2016 as a memorial by friends and family of Joseph M.A. Ledlie.

  • 2018: Camryn Nethken
  • 2017: Mariah Weinand
  • 2016: Cree Pettaway

Mr. Ledlie was a journalist, an editor, and PR executive whose purpose was to see something, meet someone, to experience a thing, and then to tell the story, whatever the story was. Under his guidance as a student editor in the early 1960s, The Springhillian became the smallest publication in the country to win the top collegiate award of Columbia University for general excellence.  The Joseph M.A. Ledlie Award recognizes a budding journalist, writer or editor with a $250 cash award for the student who best fits the following criteria:

      • In honor of Joe's religiosity, the awardee publishes a piece that addresses Roman Catholicism or an example of the strength or tolerance of religious action or thought in the modern world;
      • In honor of Joe's politics, the awardee publishes a piece that captures the role of citizenship through engagement in the political process or service to the country;
      • In honor of Joe's daughters, the awardee publishes a story that features the intelligence, accomplishments or sportsmanship of a woman or group of women;
      • In honor of Joe's love for the South, the awardee writes a story that captures the true spirit, culture, literary genius, or excellence found throughout the region