Seminar Statement

Departmental Statement Regarding Senior Seminar: CMM 495 (4) (W)
Faculty in the Department of Communication Arts expect and encourage students to plan and prepare for Senior Seminar PRIOR to the start of that course. Pre-work materials are available on the Schoology site for CMM 495. Students will be granted access to Senior Seminar's site during the semester BEFORE they take the course: by July 15 for fall enrollees or by Nov. 15 for spring enrollees.  Course protocols: the formal pitch letter is due in Week 1 of the semester, the proposal is due approximately Week 5 and the final project or paper write-up is due in the final month of the semester with presentations to follow. The final exam is replaced by a final check of students’ portfolios, begun sophomore year in CMM 290, developed throughout the program and completed in Senior Seminar.  Students may begin to formally prepare for Senior Seminar as early as junior year by requesting early access to the eCollege site and by submitting the required initiating pitch letter to the course instructor, who will route it within the department and provide feedback to the student. Should a student foresee undertaking a substantial project or paper for which more than one semester's timing may be necessary, he or she should begin Senior Seminar work early and enroll in the course for the fall or spring semester in which he or she will complete the project or paper. (Adopted November 2013)
  • Babington is the instructor of record for fall semester and Kotchemidova is the instructor of record for spring semester.