Mission Statement

We believe there is intrinsic value for all students in examining the role of media and communication processes in our society today.  They permeate our lives in both overt and subtle ways; and their serious study is very appropriate within a liberal arts context, where students are trained to be both free and responsible thinkers.  For our majors we seek to cultivate a high level of media literacy and a keen awareness of the impact these media have on our life and culture.  The Communication Arts department aims to provide students with a foundation for graduate study, for future professional accreditation and for careers within media and related fields. We believe that preparing our students to eventually participate in these media fields is a significant and worthwhile endeavor. Students progress from analysis and reflection to ethical action both as consumers and as potential producers of media content.

The College’s mission is integral to our program  and we strive to promote “the common good of the global human community.”  Guided by strong ethical principles and a concern for justice for everyone in the global community, we attempt to develop students’ skills on a number of levels: critical, analytical, theoretical and practical.  Through various classes, internships, and on- or off-campus research papers and/or applied projects, students have an array of opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of these skills. . We expect those graduating with a degree in Communication Arts to begin the serious journey – in their personal lives and in their media careers – of being “leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice and service for life.”