CMM & ART Internship Info & FAQs

From Mobile to New York, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Miami and more,
SHC Comm Arts/Visual Arts internships  provide real life experience for our students!

Click on our left sidebar menu to see what organizations are looking for interns. You'll also find FAQs about the program and a full listing of places SHC Comm Arts/Visual Arts have interned since 2006.

Comm Arts and Graphic Design internships are major-specific and required for graduation. CMM 490 or ART 490 is repeatable for up to six credit hours. The Comm Arts degree (PR/Ad, Journalism, DVP) requires a minimum of two credit hours of CMM 490 and one credit hour of CMM 290. Graphic Design requires a minimum of three credit hours of ART 490.

CMM 490 and ART 490 are offered online in summers. During fall and spring semesters, the internship class is a hybrid, which means it's mostly online and has few class meetings. Comm Arts and Graphic Design  students should schedule a meeting with Dr. Broussard the semester before they intend to intern for coaching and instruction ( Students set the number of hours per week and number of weeks of internship except in summers. Summer internship hours and course components should be completed in six weeks. 

Internships can be paid or unpaid. If unpaid, the internship must comply with the seven tests provided via Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71