IMC Policies & Procedures

The Integrated Multimedia Center is an enhanced security facility that is monitored by video surveillance.

Space Privileges & Enhanced Security Procedures: Public Safety monitors the Comm Arts/Graphic Design Integrated Multimedia Center (IMC) through video surveillance, door alarms and ID card swipe entry. Keypad and supervised access are additional enhanced security procedures applied to the space. Access privileges are on a per-semester basis only. Students enrolled in this course have access to facilities when not in use for classes and may enter the facility using ID card swipe and keypad codes after hours until 9 p.m. At midnight the facility will be secured by Public Safety and students must vacate the facility (unless exceptions are arranged by faculty). Policies enumerated in the SHC Bulletin of Information regarding “Academic Support Facilities” apply.

Students have responsibility to care for facilities and equipment. Food is not allowed near stationary or portable equipment nor on the upholstered furniture in the IMC. Drinks must be covered. Computer-related or other technical problems should be reported to the helpdesk, your instructor, the IMC Operations Manager or the division secretary immediately. Failure to abide by policies and procedures could result in penalties such as a grade reduction, suspension or reduction of privileges.

After-hours access occurs by swiping each permissioned student’s ID card over the black security panel to the left of the door.  One student, one swipe! Do not enter the facility on someone else’s ID card and do not allow others to enter on your ID card. Public Safety maintains records of who enters the facility after hours and in the event of theft, vandalism or similar incidents, students appearing in their records and in video records may be questioned.  

Information on Computer Facilities, Laboratories and Studios can be found under Academic Support Facilities in the current Bulletin of Information.