How do internships work?

The CMM/ART internship program is coordinated by Dr. Sharee Broussard. Schedule a time to meet with her ( during the semester BEFORE you’d like to intern to talk about  your internship search - résumé, cover letter, etc. Review the “Interns Wanted” section of this website for an idea of where you’d like to intern. Mr. Jeremy Moore in Career Development is also available for coaching on résumés, interview skills and etc. That office also maintains a list of internships.

SHC’s Comm Arts/Fine Arts Internship includes four steps:
1) Secure your internship in a timely manner (ideally the semester before you’d like to intern) and turn in a copy of the résumé used to secure the internship to begin your file for CMM/ART 490
2) Turn in a Personal Addendum to the Syllabus [contact info, hours, intern’s & supervisor’s objectives] signed by you and the internship supervisor by the deadline date (usually three weeks into the semester)
3) Complete the required number of hours, perform your internship well and report as directed (updated time log and reflection)
4) Turn in final materials: updated résumé, final time log, final reflection, work samples (portfolio)

It’s important to note that the faculty supervisor assigns 70% of the student’s grade and the professional supervisor assigns 30%.

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