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SHC Student Media is comprised of the Springhillian (print), the Hillian newswire (, Badger Television (campus cable channel 16.1, Thursdays on the Hill and Spring Hill Now), Top of the Hill Radio (, SHC's Livestream and social media (Facebook & Twitter) and SHC's YouTube channel. Some of these are news-based, others can serve promotional or documentation purposes. 

Coverage decisions are based first on resource availability (student/faculty/staff manpower & equipment), lead time and access, then by accepted news values (impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, currency, human interest, bizarre/unusual, conflict) and how well these events align with the stated purpose of the donated studio and equipment, which is to enhance student learning by providing students with media experiences, using multiple intranet and internet distribution platforms that showcase students’ portfolio-building and content creation activities (whether to inform, persuade or entertain) and serves the larger College community via on-campus and internet-streamed programming related to campus and community life in the form of news, feature and promotional outputs as well as athletics and academic event coverage.