Comm Arts Media Kits (CMM 251/252)

Effective fall 2013, Communication Arts students concurrently enroll in CMM/WRI 251 Intro to Media Writing (W)(3) and CMM 252 Intro to Media Production Lab (1). Students purchase a Media Kit in the CMM 252 through lab fees and are taught to use the equipment well enough to tell at least two stories from Intro to Media Writing in multimedia format for Intro to Media Production. The two course instructors collaboratively require students to upload their writing and multimedia work to a free website and students are encouraged to use this as the base of their pre-professional portfolios.

The Comm Arts Media Kit becomes the property of the student upon acceptance. On kit issue day, which occurs after the drop/add period has ended, students record serial numbers of Media Kit components and indicate receipt of included items in good condition: camera, two lenses, tripod with two heads, recording device, microphones, earbuds for editing, memory, bag, tag and etc. Copies of this receipt are kept in Communication Arts, provided to Student Financial Services and given to the student. 

  • There are no buy-backs.
  • Should a student lose or destroy his/her kit, a fee-based loaner kit is available through the department. 
  • Division of Education students who are required to take CMM 251 are programmatically exempted from CMM 252.
  • Non-Communication Arts majors who wish to learn media writing should take WRI 251: Intro to Media Writing (W)(3), not the CMM section.
  • Should a student have comparable equipment, the instructor for the course may examine the student's equipment and, if comparable, waive some components and approve a refund for a portion of the lab fee. 
  • There is a financial hardship procedure regarding the CMM Media Kits:
    1) express the concern to your instructor or CMM department chair,
    2) upon referral, Student Financial Services verifies that the Kit purchase represents a hardship to the student,
    3) should Student Financial Services verify financial need, the department will refund the majority of the fee (by account credit) and provide a loaner kit to the student. 

The Media Kit should be used outside of classes and in future courses, such as CMM 373 or 365 and for courses with BYOD (bring your own device) options - ex. CMM 254. 

Recent graduates report using their Media Kits as they enter their chosen career paths. Work produced using these Media Kits can be seen on Comm Arts | Student Work | Portfolios