Class Work Rules

Portfolio Enhancement: Work may be produced in this course for a campus or external entity. Experiential learning using real projects enhances the academic experience because students must apply what they learn in class. Every effort will be made by the students to produce error-free and original work. Work produced for a real-world client through [COURSE NAME AND NUMBER] becomes the property of the client upon delivery, for use at the discretion of the organization. The work is not warranted and neither SHC nor participating faculty and students accept responsibility for any issues that may arise regarding use of the work. The work remains part of each student’s professional portfolio and may also be submitted to award competitions.

Digital media created as class assignments should be identified as such, with at least the student's name, semester, course number and title appearing in the digital file. Students who earn lower than a C- on digital class assignments are not authorized to distribute the class-based work product as is.

Students must observe others’ intellectual property rights, respect others' privacy rights and should not assume privileges not granted to media by the College [policy available at]. All photography and video in residence halls and apartments should have prior approval of the Office of Communications and Marketing. Students do not need to seek permission from that office for shoots in the public areas of campus, though students should secure permissions from personnel in the student center, library and other campus buildings before shooting there. Students should capture and retain appropriate waivers and permissions and be able to provide evidence of such to the instructor upon request.

Students planning publicity, events and etc. should follow the processes established in two files located on BadgerWeb’s Communication Center.