Collaborating Majors

The varied strengths and skillsets of students within these separate academic disciplines make for stronger teams of students in project-based courses like Student Agency or with content creation and leadership for SHC Student Media [Springhillian, Badger TV, TOH, Newswire]. Additionally, CMM faculty teach several courses that are cross-listed by these other departments. 

Graphic Design (ART)

Comm Arts (CMM) and Graphic Design share a space and our curricula intertwine. What's more, students work together organically. Though Communication Arts and Fine & Performing Arts are separate departments, most Comm Arts students take ART 208 Introduction to Computer Graphics taught by Graphic Design faculty and multiple Comm Arts courses are required for the Graphic Design degree (CMM 145 and two upper-division electives). Students also frequently overlap with major/minor combinations of Comm Arts and Graphic Design. 

ART 253 Intro to Digital Video Production and ART 253 Intro to Photography are CMM courses offered as ART. These two satisfy SHC's Fine Arts core requirement for most students (CMM majors can't take these as ART classes). 

Marketing (MKT)

As with Graphic Design, Business Administration: Management/Marketing students help round-out teams of students in heavily project-based courses. Additionally, four of nine marketing courses offered at SHC are Comm Arts courses that are cross-listed as Marketing courses: MKT 365 Media Planning & Measurement, MKT 365 Strategic Writing, MKT 366 Strategic Planning and MKT 472 Student Agency. 

Writing (WRI)

Writing students help roung-out teams of students involved with student media like the Springhillian. SHC offers 18 WRI courses and three of them are cross-listed Comm Arts courses: WRI 251 Intro to Media Writing, WRI 331 Sciptwriting for TV & Film, WRI 365 Strategic Writing. Additionally, WRI 495 Special Topics in Writing is an optional upper-division elective for CMM's PR/Advertising and Journalism concentrations.