Research Match

Research Match is a program which enables conduct research alongside faculty, staff or senior undergraduate researchers. This program provides students with a hands on experience develop research and leadership skills.  

If you are interested in a research career or planning to go to graduate school, we recommend that you take advantage of this program.

How it works

Via this website

Researchers, who in need of assistance with their projects, should send an email with the details of their research and any research assistant requirements to Research opportunities will be posted to this website and the SHC Research Board on the third floor of Quinlan Hall near QH320. 

Students, interested in conducting research, should send an email to The email should include any special skills (e.g., proficient in SPSS) and requests (e.g., seeking an opportunity to work in a chemistry lab). Students should attach a resume or Curriculum Vita (CV) to the email.  

Researchers will contact research assistants to set up an interview to determine whether they are an acceptable match. It’s that easy!

On the bulletin board on the 3rd floor of Quinlan Hall

Researchers and research assistants may choose to post their research opportunities or resume/CV to the SHC Research Board on the third floor of Quinlan Hall. Center for Community Collaboration interns will email research assistants and researchers to inform them of potential matches. 

The Research Match team is responsible for updating the website once there has been a research match. Once you have made a successful match, please email the center at We are interested in hearing about your research experience.