Management Marketing

          The objective of the management and marketing concentration is to provide the student with an understanding of many of the various aspects of modern organization management and marketing practices. Specific knowledge is taught in the areas of organizational behavior, human resources management, marketing research, and marketing management. Students completing this program can reasonably expect to find employment in businesses or organizations where they will apply and expand the skills developed in the classroom or continue study at the graduate level.


Management and Marketing 

  • MGT 320                      Organizational Behavior (3)
  • MGT 421                      Human Resources Management (3)
  • MKT 422                      Marketing Research (3)
  • MKT 450                      Marketing Management (3)
  • Two additional upper-division electives chosen from MGT or MKT or approved internship or other course approved by the Division Chair (6)

Minor in Management and Marketing

  • BUS 263                        Business Statistics (3)
  • BUS 264                        Management Science (3)
  • CIS 381                         Information Systems (3)
  • MGT 301                      Management Principles (3)
  • MGT 320                      Organizational Behavior (3)
  • MKT 311                      Marketing Principles (3)
  • MKT 422                      Marketing Research (3)

Upper-Division Courses in Management

  • MGT 301. Management Principles (3)
    • A study of the nature and principles of management. An integrated approach to the study of principles is taken through consideration of the functional, behavioral, and management science schools of thought.
    • Prerequisites: ECO 101 and 102, and ACC 201, or permission of instructor.
  • MGT 320. Organizational Behavior (3)
    • This course involves the study of individual and group behavior within organizations, including motivation, leadership, and communication theory.
    • Prerequisite:  MGT 301.
  • MGT 330. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)  
    • This course offers an introduction to the application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace.  Topics include worker attitudes, stress in the workplace, job analysis, training, selection, and performance, as well as organizational development, structure, and culture.  There will be a strong application/experiential learning component to this class. 
    • Prerequisites:  PSY 101 and advanced standing or permission of instructor. Cross-listed as PSY 330.
  • MGT 351. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3) 
    • A course in the opportunities and challenges associated with starting, owning, and managing “new” and “small” businesses.  Emphasis will be placed on entrepreneurial activities; legal constraints and advantages for small businesses; and the particular marketing, management, administrative, and financial issues related to small businesses.  The intent is to provide students the information they need to turn inspiration and dedication into successful businesses. 
    • Prerequisite:  MGT 301 or permission of instructor.
  • MGT 421. Human Resources Management (3)  
    • Study of the problems of human resources management as applied to employment, development, maintenance, and utilization of a labor force. Specific topics include recruitment, selection, training, placement, transfer, promotion, wages and termination of employment.
    • Prerequisite:  MGT 301.
  • MGT 495. Special Topics in Management (3)
    • A course designed to address topics of special interest  to management students.  Possible areas include labor relations, leadership and research methods. 
    • Prerequisites:  MGT 301 and permission of instructor.


Upper Division Courses in Marketing

  • MKT 311. Marketing Principles (3)
    • A basic study of principles and policy for marketing decisions concerning the distribution of goods and services in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Special attention is given to formulation of policies and strategies as they relate to products, price, promotion, and distribution channels within the internal and external environment of the business.
    • Prerequisites: ECO 101 and 102, and ACC 201, or permission of instructor.
  • MKT 364. Media Planning and Measurement (3)
    • Study of the selection and evaluation of media to meet the goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics of a promotional plan.  A survey of media planning principles, scheduling and buying as well as measurement principles and evaluation, including web analytics.
    • Prerequisite: MKT 311 or CMM 220 or permission of instructor.  Cross-listed as CMM 364. Lab Fee: Curriculum.
  • MKT 365.  Strategic Writing (3) 
    • A comprehensive writing course which builds upon CMM 251 and is designed to develop professional writing skills for advertising and public relations practitioners including the mechanics, form and style of public relations and business writing as well as advertising copywriting.  Students produce written materials for a local nonprofit client. 
    • Prerequisite:  CMM 251 or BUS 210 or permission of instructor.  Also cross-listed as CMM and WRI 365.
  • MKT 366.  Strategic Planning for PR and Advertising (3) (W) 
    • A comprehensive planning course covering the mechanics of strategic planning through the development of multiple types of plans (crisis, promotional, creative, etc.) and materials to achieve advertising and public relations goals.  Students may produce plans for real-world clients. 
    • Prerequisite:  MKT 311.  Cross-listed as CMM 366.
  • MKT 422. Marketing Research (3)
    • A study of the application of statistical and other research techniques to the solution of marketing problems.
    • Prerequisites: MKT 311 and BUS 263.
  • MKT 443. Promotional Strategy (3)
    • Nature, scope, and contribution of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity to the firm’s problems of demand stimulation. Emphasis is placed on those principles and concepts that relate to the integration and organization of the promotional effort in achieving optimal allocation of the effort to facilitate movement of goods.
    • Prerequisite: MKT 311.
  • MKT 450. Marketing Management (3)
    • Strategies and techniques in marketing management.  This course focuses on opportunity analysis and problem solving in the context of marketing decision-making in the areas of product, pricing, distribution, and integrated communication strategies.  The usual pedagogy will be case analysis. 
    • Prerequisite:  MKT 311.
  • MKT 472.  Student Agency (3) 
    • A course in which students, working in teams, act as a full-service agency to prepare a comprehensive campaign for a real-world client, including research, planning and materials production using all KSAs (knowledge/skills/abilities) expected of an entry-level professional.  Industry professionals, the client, and the instructor critique student campaigns. 
    • Prerequisite:  CMM 366 or permission of instructor.  Cross-listed as CMM 472.
  • MKT 495. Special Topics in Marketing (3)
    • A course designed to address topics of special interest to marketing students.  Possible areas include international marketing, personal selling, and retail management. 
    • Prerequisites:  MKT 311 and permission of instructor

From My Perspective

“Spring Hill College was a natural fit for me. The school has a great business program and provides an excellent foundation for problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking.”

-Nate Cunningham ‘02
Atlanta, Ga.