Internships - Employers

The Division of Business aims to provide students with opportunities to get meaningful experience in their area of interest. Through the internship process, we want our students to increase career readiness and experience personal growth.

Interns provide the following benefit to you

  • Highly motivated and talented students who are eager to learn and contribute

  • Assistance with special initiatives or projects

  • Source of fresh perspectives, insights, and ideas for the organization

  • Cost-effective way to preview, recruit and evaluate potential employees

  • Opportunity to share expertise by serving as a professional mentor

  • Chance to give back to the community and contribute to the educational process

You will find information below about the internship process. We highly encourage our students to do their best and to positively represent themselves, the Division of Business, and Spring Hill College. We look forward to working with you.

Internship Description

Under the supervision of the Division of Business Internship Coordinator and an experienced business professional (Internship Site Supervisor). The internship is a pre-arranged, may be credit-bearing work experience which allows a student to achieve learning objectives which are aligned with the goals of a supervising professional or organization. Internships provide opportunities to explore career options, test career choices, and encourage the development of skills within a chosen field. An internship allows students to relate classroom theory and concepts with practical job experience as well as develop new skills that will be transferable to future employers.

Internships can be paid or unpaid + up to 3 credit hours.  Each credit hour will require that 40 hours of work is performed during the term of enrollment. The employer determines the hourly pay or stipend.  Please see the Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act at this link-

Credit and work hours (over the course of the semester) are typically as follows:

  •    1 credit = 40      2 credits = 80 hours     3 credits = 120 hours
  •     For 1 credit – work 5-7 hours per week
  •     For 2 credits – work 8-10 hours per week
  •     For 3 credits – work 10-12 hours per week


Your Commitment

Step 1:  Provide the Intern with a Job Description for the Internship Position. This is needed for the student to seek approval from the Division Chair who will then make a determination if the student is allowed to register for internship course credit. A Job Description includes the job title, responsibilities, possible projects, what the intern can expect to learn, and requirements of the position. It may also include qualifications for the job position.

Step 2:  Complete the Learning Agreement

  • Meet with your Intern to discuss and complete the Internship Learning Agreement. The Internship Learning Agreement establishes the learning objectives the intern will work toward during the semester, the position responsibilities and schedule. You and the Intern sign and date the Internship Learning Agreement.

  • Each party should have a copy of the Internship Learning Agreement.

  • The student is responsible for uploading the Learning Agreement and Job Description into the LMS.

Step 3:  Midway – Complete mid-point evaluation

  • The Site Supervisor will meet with the intern. The Intern will schedule this meeting.

  • It is the Site Supervisor's responsibility to discuss, with the intern, information about their performance at the mid-point mark. This conversation could include kudos and/or areas of improvement (if applicable). Please review, with your intern, the Learning Objectives that were established at the beginning of the internship. Thank you for giving the student the opportunity to grow and learn from their performance review.  

  • Around this time, the Intern should ask permission from you to serve as a reference and to be included on their reference sheet.

  • The student will then provide the instructor with a summary of what they learned from this meeting.

  • The instructor regularly monitors the Time and Activity Log and provides feedback about assignments.

Step 4:  Finishing up - Complete Final Evaluation

  • The Internship Site Supervisor will complete a final evaluation. The instructor will e-mail this to you, at the end of the Internship, to assess the Intern’s performance. You will be able to provide feedback on the form about the Intern’s performance and assign a grade. This information will be shared with the Intern.