Minor In Finance

Minor Overview

Spring Hill College offers a concentration in financial economics and a minor in finance.  The financial economics concentration is designed for students considering a career in financial services, such as banking, investment, insurance, and advisory services.  The program gives the student a solid background in economic foundations and its relation to the financial environment of business.  Specific knowledge is taught in optimal decision making, managerial economics and finance, with emphasis on the statistical and financial analysis necessary to understand the continuously changing field of finance.

Financial accounting plays a significant role in many career paths in the financial services industry.  Students in the financial economics concentration wishing to explore accounting beyond the two introductory courses are encouraged to complete a minor in accounting. The financial economics concentration coupled with a minor in accounting will help prepare students for careers in investment banking and certification exams like the CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) and the CFP (Certified Financial Planner).  Students planning to attend graduate programs in finance or economics are urged to take MTH 121 Calculus I and MTH 122  Calculus II.

Courses Required

  • ACC 201 - Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC 202 - Principles of Accounting II
  • ECO 102 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUS 263 - Business Stastics
  • FIN 301 - Financial management
  • FIN 321 - Money and Capital Markets
  • Choose two of the following:
    • FIN 310 - Financial Planning
    • FIN 401 - Intermediate Financial Management
    • FIN 410 - Investments
    • FIN 495 - Special Topics in Financial Economics