Computer Information Systems

Concentration Overview           

        The objective of the concentration in computer information systems is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to allow them to work in organizations that have diverse information processing needs or to found businesses of their own, utilizing the knowledge gained in the concentration and in the overall Business curriculum. In addition to completing the common core of business classes, students choosing CIS will study e-commerce, systems analysis and design, database tools and concepts, networking, and other key information processing areas.  The senior integrating course in CIS is CIS 484 Systems Analysis and Design.  The course requires the student to synthesize the concepts and knowledge gained in all the courses in the concentration and, utilizing this knowledge, participate in a substantial group project. The CIS concentration is particularly designed to prepare students for careers in computer and management information departments of firms and other organizations and for additional graduate study in information systems or business.  In conjunction with the entire Business curriculum, students are also trained in the fundamentals of new business creation.

Courses Required

Core Classes

  • LEAP
  • ENG 121 or ENG 190
  • ENG 123 or ENG 290
  • ENG 200-299 or WRI 276
  • 2 Foreign Language Classes
  • HIS 120
  • POL 151 or POL 161
  • PHL 101 or PHL 190
  • PHL 313
  • THL 101 or THL 190
  • THL 200-399
  • CIS 115
  • Fine Art
  • MTH 111+
  • Science
  • ECO 101 or ECO 102
  • 4 Electives

Business Division Requirements

  • ECO 101
  • ECO 102
  • ACC 201
  • ACC 202
  • BUS 220
  • BUS 263
  • BUS 264
  • CIS 115
  • MTH 140 or MTH 121
  • BUS 301
  • MKT 311
  • MGT 301
  • CIS 381 or ACC 381
  • PHL 313
  • BUS 320
  • FIN 301
  • BUS 499

Concentration Requirements

  • CIS 115
  • CIS 221
  • CIS 322
  • CIS 381
  • CIS 403
  • CIS 484
  • Any 2 of the below:
    • CIS 371
    • CIS 382
    • CIS 470
    • CIS 486
    • CIS 495

Student Perspective

"Technology is the gateway towards a brighter future, higher pay, and better days. The CIS program at SHC has been such a wonderful and positive experience and has inspired me to continue to further my education and career in computer information systems.”
-Donald Craig ’16 Mobile, AL

Faculty Insight

“CIS is a constantly evolving field of study that enables students to pursue a wide array of opportunities.  Graduates of CIS have pursued rewarding careers in areas such as technology support, programming, web development and management, database development and management, project management, business or systems analysis, and network administration in a wide variety of industries.  My role as a CIS faculty member is to help students acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills employers consider valuable.  Therefore, I strive to incorporate the use of current computer hardware, software, and networking technology in my courses through practical labs that attempt to solve common business problems.”  - Dr. Sam Khoury, CIS Coordinator.