Division of Business

Division Chair: Sam Khoury, Ph.D.

The Division of Business seeks to prepare students for successful leadership positions in small and large businesses in the private sector and in public and non-profit organizations. We intend to provide professional business education in an environment of respect for the importance of both Jesuit ideals and liberal arts education. We view the core curriculum and the business curriculum as complementary parts of the Spring Hill educational experience.

The Division of Business offers a both face-to-face and online programs at the undergraduate and masters level.  The lower- and upper-division business requirements impart to all students a broad-based, principles-level exposure to each of the functional areas, after which each student selects one area as a concentration for more in-depth study. The faculty believes that the business sector of American society is a vital set of institutions and that, consistent with the Jesuit ideals of the College, our students should be prepared to make a positive contribution to these institutions and to society in general. Accordingly, business concentrations aim to impart knowledge in accordance with liberal arts ideals and to communicate to students appropriate principles of ethical professional and social behavior.

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