Sample Sequence of Courses

Students who graduate from Spring Hill College and are successful applicants to health-related professional and graduate programs typically take science and math courses in the following sequence:

Fall Semester of Freshman Year

Principles of Biology (lecture and lab.)
General Chemistry I (lecture and lab.)
Calculus I

Spring Semester of Freshman Year

Microbiology (lecture and lab.)
General Chemistry II (lecture and lab.)
Basic Statistics for the Sciences

Fall Semester of Sophomore Year

Human Anatomy & Physiology I (lecture and lab.)
Organic Chemistry I (lecture and lab.)

Spring Semester of Sophomore Year

Human Anatomy & Physiology II (lecture and lab.)
Organic Chemistry II

Fall Semester of Junior Year

Physics with Calculus I (lecture and lab.)
Biology/Chemistry electives

Spring Semester of Junior Year

Cell Biology
Physics with Calculus II (lecture and lab.)
Biology elective

Summer Between Junior and Senior Year

Take the MCAT

Senior Year

Biology/Chemistry electives