Advice from Graduates

In a recent survey, graduates were asked, “What advice or comments would you offer to the current students majoring in biology at Spring Hill College?” These are their answers.

“Pay attention. If you are pursuing further education, you have no idea how important your current classes are in terms of providing a base for future knowledge to build upon.”

“For any student going to medical school, I would advise taking as many upper division biology courses as possible, e.g., genetics, histology, embryology, immunology, microbiology, and biochemistry.”

“Don’t just study for tests, really learn the information. If you plan to go to medical or graduate school, it is very intense. You are expected to learn copious amounts of information in a short amount of time, so the better your base of knowledge and understanding, the easier your life will be!”

“Don’t be afraid to go to your professors with questions, because you may not have that opportunity in graduate school. Go to study sessions!”

“Go to class everyday. Study something every night. Start planning your future early. Speak to graduates or individuals who work in a field you think you may enjoy.”

“If you plan on going to medical school, truly learn and actively engage with the material, as it will all appear again during your first year of classes. I felt as though I was very prepared when I started medical school, and my grades reflected it.”

“Find experiences to enhance your classes, like participating in working internships, etc. Discover ways to get to know the “real world” outside of SHC.”

“Attack your first exams in each course as if they were finals. Once you can figure out how exams are administered, tailor your studying appropriately. Visit faculty weekly or monthly for assistance, or just spend time talking. Maximize the strength of this small school environment!”